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The Gullah People

As early as 1690, the Gullah People from coastal West Africa were cultivating rice in fields of Charleston, SC. The Gullah People have managed to keep many aspects of their cultural heritage alive today, as evident in their dialect and through their food. The Gullah People cooked with everything they grew and brought over from Africa. Whatever they cooked, you could almost guarantee that it tasted great and was seasoned to perfection.

Palmetto Blend

Does taste matter? Is flavor important? If you say YES, then try Palmetto Blend. Following the rich Gullah tradition, Palmetto Blend combines the perfect measurements of seven All Natural spices to bring out the flavor in everything you cook. It’s great for stir fry’s, barbeques, soups, and salads. Fine particles allow Palmetto Blend to quickly absorb into meats and vegetables unleashing their true flavors. Everything you cook will taste amazing!

Gullah Recipes

Gullah Recipes 42 colorful pages contains 50 mouthwatering dishes made by Real Gullah People from Charleston and Edisto Island. Now you can enjoy many of the same dishes that were handed down for generations. The true stories and beautiful illustrations of some of Charleston’s finest scenes makes Gullah Recipes much more than a cookbook.


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Palmetto Blend

All-Natural with No Artificial Preservatives, Kosher, GF, No MSG, No Allergens, No Anti-Caking agents